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Updated: 13 June, 2020

We are a few days from the release of our LP, Glory, Glory! Apathy took Helm! and are so thankful for the support we have gotten throughou the process of promoting it. it is really fucking weird to promote a record in the midst of a pandemic, and then again in the midst of a wonderful, just uprising caused by the horrific systemic racism Black folk face in north america daily. Below is some links to the important stuff surrounding the record, if you want to check em out, go for it!

MUSIC VIDEO for You Who Has Never Slept
MUSIC VIDEO for Glory, Glory! & Apathy took Helm!
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petting our cats & dog everyday at home, where we all should be right now.

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Vile Creature is a two piece experimental doom metal outfit hailing from sunny Hamilton, Ontario. They'd prefer you call them a 9 piece blackened doom metal outfit but their 6 cats and 1 dog seem to not count, which is pretty rude to be honest. They take themselves very seriously, as you can tell from their serious website.

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